Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Springbreak is for Knitting! 

It's springbreak for the "princesses in waiting" at my house this week. So what does a mom do when she takes off from work to spend time with her little princesses? She finds a friend to spend the afternoon knitting with of course!

I was suppose to spend the afternoon with my youngest princess in waiting today, but she choose to have a sleep over at her grandmother's. She informed me that the best thing about grandmother was exploring in her basement. I told her not to get lost! Grandma is a packrat and we might never find her, but if she found any valuable treasures to bring them home to me.

So, I spent time visiting with my friend Lea from "Knee Deep in Fibers". She feed me lunch, listened to me moan and groan about life and we knitted on our current WIP's. My current WIP is the Eyelet Cardi from Chicknits.

Lea loaned me the book "Knitting on the Road". Now I feel the need to start a pair of socks. Guess, I should check my stash and decide on some yarn. Maybe a springtime color. Will let you know when I decide.

My project for this weekend is to get a comments board added to my blog and try using my digit camera to give you some shots of my current WIP's. We'll see how it goes.

Saturday, March 20, 2004

What's the Wadi you say? 

What's the Wadi? It a coffee shop on the west side of E'ville where I meet up with my knitting buddies once a month to chat, knit and enjoy some coffee, tea, smoothies, etc.

So many different projects were being worked on. Three of my pals were working on bags, Chris had a Sophia bag going, Lea was working her felted bag and Mary was knitting on yet another Booja bag. I am jealous of Candy she is working on a Philospher's Wool sweater. I have my kit but have not started yet. Still not comfortable with 2 handed knitting yet. Brad was knitting away on a belated Christmas sweater for his sister Shelley and it looked great! Kate worked on her Shawl, swatched for a new sweater and showed off her bargains she found at Special Things yesterday.

Kristi had brought her spinning wheel and was spinning away on some fab looking purple wool. Kate and Kristi both asked if I was still interested in learning how to spin. I have been spinning the thought around today again and have decided that YES! I want to learn. I realize that it would help me to relax from all of the stresses I have going on right now in my life. Guess this means that I need to get my butt in gear, get the living room decluttered, painted and start looking for a wheel. Hmmmm...does this mean I have to go on a yarn buying diet? Guess so....

I can't wait until our next KnitWest should have my third sweater of the year finished. I am a little behind on my March sweater of the month. Better get back to my knitting so I can get it done!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

What a day! 

No knitting today...bummer! Work was hetic as usual - everyone wants their results yesterday and can they have numbers today for samples coming in next week? What the? No "dry labing" for me or my precious robots "Rob & Satan". Speaking of Satan he has been behaving very nicely lately.

Tonight was date night with Dave Ramsey. Do you ever listen to Dave on talk radio or read his book the "Total Money Makeover"? I am presently attending the Financial Peace University class being offered at church. My goal is to walk away with the skills to be totally debt free within the next 24 months - except for the home. Hehe! I hope a certain few yarn shop owners aren't reading this. I was told about a month ago by a certain someone not to start going frugal on them now. :)

Speaking of frugal - I just love it when I find a bargain on e-bay. I purchased 6 skeins of Cascade Ecco yarn and saved over $75.00 off of retail price. As Lea would say "I doin a happy dance!".

Check in tomorrow for a knitting update.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

My first post and I can't think of anything to say...NOT! For those who know me, they are laughing their butts off. I'm never speechless!

Since my dear daughter #1 created this blog for my knitting adventures, I'll chat about my current knitting projects. Almost completed is a the Kristina bag. I love the colors and can't wait to felt it. Then a new adventure awaits. This bag will have a zipper. I've never inserted a zipper into a handknitted item before. This should be interesting.

Today, I made a quick trip to my lys, the Village Knitter for some help and hand holding while stitching my 3xChic sweater together. The shoulder seams and sleeves are stitched in place, but the side seams are still awaiting mattress stitching. Something to look forward to tomorrow.

My Classic Elite soon to be felted sweater is anxiously awaiting to be stitched together. I hope to have it completed by next weekend.

I would love to post pics but need to learn how. Maybe some of my techie friends will help me out by providing info.

Now it is time to go dream about knitting sweaters in my sleep. Sweet dreams!
My first post and I'm at a lost for words! Not really - I always have something to say. :)

In knitting news, I worked on the Kristina bag last night and am now knitting the strap. Should be finished with it tonight and ready to felt tomorrow. If I can figure out how to download photos from my fancy-dancy digit camera, I'll post a pic. Wonder which one of my techie friends would be willing to share info with me for posting pics?

This afternoon I managed a quick trip to my lys, the Village Knitter. I needed some help and hand holding while stitching my 3xChic sweater together. If I'm good I'll stay up late and stitch it tonight. Tomorrows stitching project is my Classic Elite Felted Jacket. Then its off to be felted. I have not felted any clothing articles other than felted clogs. This is a little scary! What if I felt it too much and it is too small? What if I can't get it to shrink enough to fit? (Fat chance of that happening these days!) What with the "hand & mouth" disease that I am suffering from these days. I need to spend more time knitting instead of eating. Now to figure out how to get my workouts in while knitting.....


Friday, March 12, 2004

Hello all!

This is Allison! I just wanted to let you know that I created this blog for my mom. I hope that she enjoys it a lot!

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